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- Model REVERSE OSMOSIS CONTAINERIZED - Brackish and Seawater Containerized Systems / water treatment / Reverse Osmosis

ADVANCED Equipment and Services builds desalination and brackish reverse osmosis systems mounted inside standard ISO containers 20' and 40' Facilitating transportation and deployment in an expedite manner. All Containers are equipped with Thermal insulation walls, ant slippery heavy traffic poly matt, LED internal lights and Air Conditioner Inverter+ Wall Mount Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump 36000 BTU-208/230 V. Contact us for information:

These containerized systems are ready to be shipped with all necesary components inside, No need for expensive buildings or time consuming civil works. the installation is easy since all components are preconnected, customer just needs to supply electricity, a place to unload the container and three PVC pipe lines (feed, permeate and reject).

  • 40′ or 20′ Container with a R19 thermal and accoustic insulation, protecting equipment from temperatures fluctutations, the accoustic insulation will prevent any noise from the desalination system to disturbe the enviroment and close-by residents.
  • 36000 BTU split airconditioing system, eliminates moisture from inside the container protecting and extending life on all electric and electronic components. Also facilita the maintenance, supervision and operation of the desalination system providing a conforable enviroment to work in.
  • Heavy duty antislipery vinyl flooring protecting any possible small leak from damaging the container floor. Also help operators to keep it clean .
  • Multimedia filtration system with low flux ( < 6 GPM/Ft2 ) , Help to reduce suspended solid material on feed water. Operation can be automatic by elecytromechanical valves o manual. - Power and control panel including human Machine Interface ( HMI ) , Programable logic controler ( PLC ), variablke frequency driver ( VFD ) for pump making the systems suitable for different income voltages 480-460-440-400-380 V. 50 - 60 Hz. - Membrane arrays design to maximize the recovery rate ( > 42 % ) with a low flux ( < 10.5 GFD ).- Easy and clean components layout that facilitate preventive and corrective maintenance. Al components easy to reach and work with.- Well know and proveen componets, all items in our delanization systems have been proved in the field for years, they are easily available through world wide distribution networks, no need to stock expensive items.- Protection and alarm system, protect the system from possible malfuntion due to components failure or operators abuse:Low pump suction pressureHigh pump pressure dischargePermeate water qualityLow permeate flowHigh permeate flowLow reject flowLow/high voltagePhase protectionPump motor overloadHigh membrane feed pressureChemical tank protection levelFlush storage tank level protection- Advanced 3D design system, we use CadWorks as our advanced engineering program to facilitate and expedite the design of new systems eliminating costing problems during fabricationFor all of these feature and more.

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