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- Model XO - Bio-Thermic Digester (BTD)



The Advetec XO, a development of the company’s successful Bio-Thermic Digester (BTD) technology, is an in-vessel solution engineered to rapidly digest organic waste. These small foot print units can deliver between 60% and 90% reduction in mass from mixed organic waste streams.

The Advetec XO is the only on-site solution which can handle non organic or unsorted waste contained within the organics. During the process our bespoke blends of bacteria digest organic content producing an exothermic reaction which in turn creates a self sustaining biomass. The process is continuous and the aerobic digestion is achieved within 48-72 hours and the output material is dry and typically increased in calorific value

Our range is tailored to cater for differing types of waste with a organic content present, with solutions capable for hotels and restaurants, industrial food & drink manufacturers through to municipal waste handlers and water utilities.

The Process

An Automated Continuous Process. Waste is automatically dosed into the process using a controlled auger conveyor. Once inside the XO Advetec's bespoke microorganisms are introduced. The mass is aerated and agitated where a large exothermic reaction takes place, rapidly digesting organic content within the waste. Once the digestion process is complete, the now digested waste is automatically discharged with a secondary controlled auger conveyor.

Fully Specified Systems from Advetec often require pre-treatment of larger particle sized material and non-organic elements of unsorted waste this often includes material handling solutions and shredders.

Low Energy Use Solution, as the primary heat is provided through a microbial exothermic reaction each unit has low energy consumption when compared to other technologies

The Design

The Advetec XO units are designed and manufactured in Great Britain utilising the latest engineering practices and each unit is robust and high quality designed to handle the most challenging of waste streams.

Your Waste - Your Unit. Each XO unit is optimised to match exactly each customers requirement ensuring effective solutions created around your needs.

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