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- Model 30 - Anti Corrosion Equipment



The AEC 30 machine has been designed to protect control cabinets in highly corrosive environments in facilities such as treatment plants, pumping stations, petrochemical installations and paper manufacturers. The equipment has been designed to provide protection by using pressurised clean air with a flow 3 to 5 times greater than the volume of the cabinet to be protected. The equipment pressurises air using the Depur Vent 30 filter.

Bioconservacion offers a wide range of mediums for use in these filters depending on the contaminants present requiring elimination.

In the case of SH2, NOx, and SO2 the filters would be stocked with a mixture of three different types of granulates: Bi-On KOH, Bi-On+ y Bi-On AC. For other pollutants such as NH• HCI, HF… there are other mediums that are specific to each case.

The equipment is able to regulate the flow of air passing through it by using a potentiometer.

This equipment has a temperature gauge to be placed inside the cabinet needing protection.

There are two variables to be considered when contemplating the protection of a cabinet:

  • Maintaining positive pressure so un-clean exterior air cannot enter
  • Ensuring that all equipment is sufficiently refrigerated to be within the manufacturer’s specifications.

To obtain adequate pressurisation in a cabinet it is necessary to introduce between three (3) to five (5) times the air volume per hour into the cabinet. The flow depends on the number of apertures the cabinet has built into it. If there are an excessive number of apertures there may not be sufficient flow.

Open doors and large openings may impede the proper functioning of this protection system.

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