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Model AE - Pond Aerators



Our pond aerators are built to last! Some of our original units have been operating for over 20 years. These sturdy aerators are designed to add oxygen to your pond to keep it healthy and attractive, whether for recreational or aquaculture use. A healthy body of water needs the proper amount of oxygen - too little oxygen will cause fish kill and too much oxygen will stimulate algae and weed growth. If you need to keep water open during the winter, our pond aerators are for you.

We have many years of experience in keeping water open during the coldest winters.

Since 1958, Fresh-flo aerators have been used to restore adequate oxygen, reduce water temperature, dislodge obnoxious gases, dissolve organic wastes, and prevent freeze-out in large and small bodies of water.

A propeller-type impeller within the aerator draws water inside the aerator and initiates tremendous centrifugal force. The water is passed, under high pressure, through the slots of the aerator which stand above the water line. Sheets of water are sandwiched with open air, the air is sucked between the sheets, the oxygen is added and the obnoxious gases and waste materials are eliminated. The newly aerated surface water is pushed toward shores as the aerator creates a continuous circulation process. In freezing weather, the aerator acts to keep an open water area which, in turn, enables nature’s own process to also function.

Wattsaver Motor

All of our pond aerators are equipped with Wattsaver energy efficient motors. The Wattsaver motors operate at greatly reduced amperages, saving your electricity costs.

Easy To Install

Fresh-flo's pond aerators are easily installed. They are mounted to a pipe which is driven into the bottom of the pond. We are confident that you will find our pond aerators to be easy to use and virtually maintenance free.

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