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- Model DM Series - Shaker Bag Dust and Dust/Fume/Smoke Systems


AER Borne Environmental Systems DM Series modular dust Collection systems are designed to provide efficient, cost effective control of dust, fume, smoke and gas/vapor contaminants generated from a variety of manufacturing and process applications. Standard units are designed for floor or machine mounting with other options available (consult factory). Optional hopper kits are available for additional dust storage capacity with standard 5 or 55 gallon drums. Units are also available in portable models and in a small downdraft table option.  A full line of accessories and options are available to simplify unit installation.


  • Dust, Dust and Fume or Smoke (primarily dry contaminants)


  • Gas/Vapors

Capture Approach: Source Capture

  • Unit Mounting: Vertical, floor or machine mounted (other options available)


  • Machining, turning, grinding, milling, mixing, pouring, compounding, conveying, sanding, deburring, buffing, light welding, laser cutting, laser etching, plasma cutting and a variety of other dry manufacturing and process applications.

Designed primarily for dry applications, the DM Series line of modular Dust collectors provide cost effective and efficient control of dust, fume, smoke and gas/vapor contaminants as individual or as more complex combined forms. Modular design allows the basic dust collector to be easily modified with additional filter stages for fume, smoke and light gas/vapor/odors.

As with our other collection systems, the DM Series modular design provides the ultimate in unit filtration flexibility or adaptability enabling them to handle a variety of airborne contaminants. Modular design allows for simple integration of additional filter modules allowing the collectors filter stages to be easily customized to meet the exact filtration requirements of the application. Should contaminants change due to process changes, filter modules can be easily added and/or existing ones altered to adapt to the changing conditions.

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