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- Aerated Floors for Refrigeration & Freezers



A properly designed CUPOLEX passive or mechanically heated Aerated Concrete Floor will provide sufficient heat to prevent frost formation under the slab; thereby, preventing structural failures while minimizing the parasitic heat gain to the refrigerated space.

  • The air distribution ductwork below CUPOLEX® is continuous and provides unrestricted air flow below the entire concrete slab.
  • In warmer climate areas the CUPOLEX® floor can be easily ventilated naturally by outside air
  • allows any moisture that may condense inside the CUPOLEX® void space to drain out
  • Easy to inspect
  • will not restricts airflow from moisture from air condensing and possibly freezing on the inside surface of the void
  • Simple design and lower cost than other electric, hydronic heating systems or vented piping systems
  • Minimises maintenance
  • Maximum amount of heat entering the subsoil
  • Under-floor heat can be supplied from outside air, warm exhaust air from a process, warm air from the engine room, or any other conveniently located space.
  • Provides additional protection and better temperature control with heated air
  • Allows ventilating from a furnace/makeup air unit or recover heat from the hot gas coming off the refrigeration system.
  • Can be designed as a “closed” systems, meaning the air used in the under-floor system is recirculated after adding heat and dehumidifying.
  • No risk of plugging of pipe branches by frost, ice, or other debris.
  • Allows the designer greater freedom for use of a fans to insure sufficient airflow can be delivered to all branches in the sub-floor network.
  • Energy cost is less than electrical resistance
  • Can use heat reclaimed from refrigeration system
  • No environmental concerns of leaking glycol into the soil
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001:2015 high quality standards

  • Refrigerated freezers (distribution and long-term storage)
  • Blast freezers (spiral freezers, blast cells, hardeners, etc.)
  • Ice rinks
  • Curling sheets

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