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- Model 2000-300 - Aeration Basin Wastewater Monitoring


The LiquID Station 2000 is an advanced, automated, online instrument for wastewater process monitoring and management. The hybrid-multispectral optical platform provides effectively continuous real-time data in a range of key wastewater parameters, including BOD, CBOD, COD, TSS, Ammonia, Nitrate + Nitrite, and others. The LiquID Station reports readings about every 2 minutes, delivered directly to an operator’s workstation, and requires no reagents or regular operator intervention.

The system features a host of self-maintenance functions, including jet rinse cleaning and automated internal calibration, to keep the system going without frequent maintenance or attention. When the time comes for a manual clean, usually once every one to two months in a wastewater matrix, the system alerts operators and the cleaning process takes less than 10 minutes from start to finish. LiquID also includes a large bore plumbing system, with 1/2-inch sample lines and curved hosing to prevent clogging. With this design, combined with the advanced optical-algorithmic detection platform, the LiquID Station can effectively monitor in matrixes ranging from very clean effluent to raw wastewater influent, provided a sample line exists or can be installed to feed sample fluid to the instrument.

Altogether these features make the LiquID Station for Wastewater Monitoring an ideal tool for a variety of wastewater applications, including advanced process control, flow equalization, influent event detection, and final effluent quality assurance. Beyond those specific applications, the LiquID Station provides operators with a greater understanding. By monitoring multiple parameters online, continuously, operators and managers see things happening in the plant on a level they’ve never seen before, revealing “the Secret Life of a Wastewater Treatment Plant.” Contact ZAPS today to learn your plant’s secrets.

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