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Aeration Compressors


Our Airmax Aeration Systems uses 2 types of compressors depending on the application. The shallow water projects generally use the Diaphram units and the ponds, lakes, waste water and drinking water cells use the rocking piston systems. Our systems have excellent  features to ensure the longevity of your system.

  • lifetime warranty on weather proof cabinet that easily blends into the landscape
  • the cabinet houses a cooling fan that draws air across the compressor(s) and out of the cabinet to keep the motors cool
  • first line of defense, there is a air filter at one end of the cabinet that works to keep most of the dirt out. Second there is an air filter on the compressor.
  • the units are very quite so they do not disrupt the area around them
  • powerful units that are cost effective to install and not only that but save you money on maintenance and operating cost.


  • Manifold with Nickle Plated Ball Valves- simplifies airflow management
  • Air Filter- Maximizes the life compressor components
  • Airline Quick Disconnects (Lake Series) – for easy system removal and storage
  • Rubber compressor Mounts- Reduce noise and vibration for silent operation
  • Continuous-Duty Rocking Piston SilentAir Compressor
  • Braided Hose Sleeve Protects internal airlines from wear
  • Pressure Gauge Monitors system performance

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