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Aeration Systems For Fish Breeding Water Basins

We offer aeration systems made on the basis of our own AKWATECH tube or disk diffusers and HIBLOW Japanese air pumps. The systems may be made according to specific requirements. Selection method of diffusers and air pumps enables servicing objects of various sizes requirements, e.g. recreational reservoirs such as Lake Maltańskie in Poznań, fish-breeding basins, fish storage-tanks, live fish sale stands, transport tanks. Grids and diffusers or single diffusers can be made as self-sinking versions, which eliminates the necessary bottom-attachment, also it facilitates assembling and maintenance. Grid segments can be moved to any area of the tank. Number of diffusers in a grid segment is adjusted individually to the requirements of every tank. HIBLOW air pumps are characterised by a low power consumption, quiet operation and supply of clean air to aeration system. In fish-breeding our solutions are used in shortage of oxygen dissolved in water, which causes fish kills. This phenomenon usually occurs during summer heat waves and fish wintering. Fish mortality causes serious damages in breeding. Our solutions significantly enable improvement of water quality as well as intensification of fish-breeding.

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