- Halogenated Thermal Incineration Systems



AEREON's halogenated thermal oxidizer systems are designed to handle hazardous halogenated streams produced from various chemical processes in a safe and effective manner. Systems are designed to maintain high destruction efficiency of the compounds with an effective high chamber temperature and residence time.

  • Burner designed to handle halogenated compounds
  • System chamber lined with superior refractory/brick for high temperature
  • Programmable logic control sy stem for efficient operation and integrated burner management system
  • HCL scrubbing and flue gas quench systems
  • Self-supported or guy wired FRP exhaust stacks
  • NFPA 86 compliant gas train systems

  • Process gas booster blowers
  • Gas trains to meet international certifications such as CSA, ATEX, KOSHA, etc.
  • Continuous emission monitoring systems
  • Engineered turnkey solutions

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