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As an alternative to recovery, hydrocarbon vapors may be destroyed in a flare, combustor or a thermal oxidizer. For many applications, a device known as a combustor can be successfully used as a safe and economical method of controlling vapors from the handling, storage or loading of volatile liquid hydrocarbons or ethanol when recovery of the vapors is not a viable option.

AEREON’s Jordan Technologies has experience manufacturing and servicing all types of vapor combustion units (VCUs) including units for special applications such as marine vapor control or non-motor fuel vapor control. Jordan's VCUs are guaranteed to meet all safety regulations and currently mandated emissions limits. Custom vapor combustion devices are also available.

Vapor combustors are designed to safely burn vapor mixtures consisting of hydrocarbons. This mixture may, or may not, be within the flammable range of the vapors being destroyed. Vapor combustors can be configured as an open type, where the flame is elevated and visible; or as an enclosed type, where the flame is generally near grade level and enclosed in an insulated combustion chamber.

The equipment provided for both systems is similar. The major equipment items included in a combustor system are the stack, anti-flash back burners with an ignition system, assist air blowers for smokeless burning, velocity control or staging valve(s) and deflagration arrestor(s).

AEREON has the knowledge and experience to ensure you end up with the best vapor control system for your application.

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