- Membrane Vapor Recovery Unit (MVRU)



AEREON’s Jordan Technologies designs and manufactures carbon-based vapor recovery systems for marine-loading operations in both the US and foreign markets. Our intricate knowledge of the design and certification-compliance requirements has made us a preferred provider of US Coast Guard compliant systems.

The following are major components of our Marine Vapor Recovery System (VRU):

  • Marine carbon-bed built to 33 CFR 154.800 Subpart E
  • Skid mounted vapor blower system
  • Skid mounted dock safety units
  • Complete controls package and operating manuals/procedures to ensure that personnel are properly trained to operate and maintain a unit safely

When vapor recovery isn’t feasible, AEREON vapor combustion units (VCUs) provide a safe, effective, and economical method of controlling vapors from volatile liquid hydrocarbons or other compounds.

  • Most efficient, cost effective unit on the market.
  • Patented energy saving & recovered product measurement devices.
  • Patented auto tuned vent & regeneration valves.
  • Patented return pump variable frequency drive level control —prevents gasoline spills.
  • Complete HMI control of all components & set points.
  • Skid mounted system; shipped & installed as 4 major components.

  • Ship and Barge Loading

  • USCG compliant
  • 33 CFR Parts 154, 155, and 156
  • 46 CFR Parts 35 and 39
  • All vent valves and regeneration valves are auto timer tuned by the PLC
  • All PLC shutdowns are tabularized and stored
  • Electrical equipment built to local standards variable speed drive absorbent return pump
  • Wonderware HMI package

  • Dry vacuum pumps
  • Hori-wing style
  • Busch - rotary screw
  • 10mg/l, 1mg/l, 0.15mg/l emission limit designs
  • Custom built to your specifications
  • USCG compliant Dock Safety Skids and Vapor Blower Skids
  • Remote monitoring by our service group
  • Continuous Emission Monitor (CEM)
  • Continuous Inlet Monitor (CIM)
  • Remote HMI interface screens
  • Custom reports and trending software package
  • Various PLC options

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