- Model VRUs - Guardian and Sentry Series of Vapor Recovery Unit



AEREON’s GUARDIAN and SENTRY series of vapor recovery units (VRUs) provide a reliable, low maintenance solution for condensate and crude storage vapor recovery in the upstream and midstream markets.

The AEREON GUARDIAN and GUARDIAN HP Series, our top end VRU, is available in both pre-engineered standard designs as well as custom designed options. Our standard GUARDIAN VRU designs are based on very robust and highly reliable rotary screw compressors (most suitable for heavy and wet tank vapors) with both electric (20 - 125 HP) and gas driven motors delivering up to 300 PSIG discharge pressures. Our NEW standard GUARDIAN HP VRU designs are available with electric drives (10-60 HP) and based on industry-proven reciprocating compressors that provide discharge pressures of up to 1200 PSIG. Additionally, the GUARDIAN and GUARDIAN HP Series VRU comes packaged with state-of-the-art Allen-Bradley HMIs for improved infield operability and ease of use. Extreme weather packages are available as optional equipment. These VRU series can also be customized to specific customer requirements.

The SENTRY Series VRU is a more basic and cost effective VRU model that is only available in standard sizes in both electric (10-100 HP) and natural gas drives (4, 6, & 8 cylinder engines). The SENTRY VRU is a very reliable unit based on a rotary screw compressor design that comes with a very compact skid-based footprint. This standard design series is not available with extreme weather packages and cannot be customized.

No matter what VRU you buy from AEREON, they are all backed by leading warranties and local service teams that can help commission and maintain your units. Contact us for a VRU solution to fit your needs. Purchase and/or lease options are available.

AEREON’s Mechanical Vapor Recovery Unit (MeVRU) is a pre-engineered, customizable package that is ideal for nonattainment areas where air quality regulations require vapor recovery. It consists of a direct driven compressor, multiple grades of oil coolers, and a precision operating system, second to none all packaged together into one VRU that is able to operate continuously and with very little need personnel interaction.

The unit can be outfitted with a rotary screw; piston or rotary vane compressor powered with either an electric or EPA-certified natural gas engine. AEREON’s standard MeVRU’s come in sizes ranging from 15 – 500 MCFD.

  • Plug and play installation
  • Top quality components
  • Capable of handling high BTU gas
  • Large range of turn down
  • Fully welded containment skid with rock sump.
  • Small foot print
  • Insulated R-18 building
  • Explosion Proof Heater
  • Explosion Proof Lights
  • Wide range of operation
  • Extended service intervals
  • Oversized knock out vessels

  • Well pad tank battery
  • Central processing facility “CTB”
  • Gas blanketing recovery
  • Petroleum refining plants
  • Flash gas compression
  • Heater treater recovery
  • Bio-gas recovery / processing
  • Coal bed methane and dry gas well for increased production

  • Full B31.3 process piping
  • Differential pressure monitoring of all filters
  • Flanged connections with spiral wound gaskets
  • CI DII & CI DI electrical classification skids
  • Allen Bradley controls and drives
  • Color HMI
  • Smartphone / Tablet connectivity

  • Coolers - aluminum, carbon steel or 316L SS
  • With or without ASME U stamp
  • Compressors - rotary screw, rotary vane, or reciprocating.
  • Liquid removal - electric pump or blow case
  • Gas blanketing - patent pending skid mounted gas blanketing system.
  • Sweet or sour gas applications
  • Standard or fully customized units
  • Standard sizes from 15-500 MCFD @ 200 psig
  • Rapid deployment on standard products

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