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- Model SCR - Catalyst Reactor System



SCR Catalyst Technology: An effective SCR system begins with the catalyst technology. Our SCR catalyst is a highly efficient ceramic material capable of a wide temperature range (to 500oC / 932oF), high NOx reduction (up to 98%), and long-term stability. The AeriNOx ceramic-based catalyst is extruded into a monolithic honeycomb design that also minimizes backpressure.

  1. SCR Catalyst Housing: SCR Catalyst Housing: The individual catalyst elements are enclosed in a heat-resistant stainless steel housing, and held in place with a unique locking mechanism to prevent movement during operation.
  2. SCR Reactor: The catalyst layers are housed in a robust reactor made from high-temperature steel plate engineered for long-term durability. The reactor has separate access panels for each catalyst layer, making installation straightforward and minimizing operational downtime. Our flexible design optimizes the number of catalyst layers for each application.

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