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ProAir Oy Ltd

- Model 800 OD - For Air Handling Unit


Technical Information: Voltage: 1230V/50Hz. Power consumption: 160W. Weight: 13,6 kg. Dimensions: 1200*300*110mm.

  • Uniquely enables heat recovery in various locations, where heat recovery was previously impossible to achieve.
  • Experience massive energy savings (up to 80%), thanks to the opportunity of heat recovery.
  • The rotating heat exchanger wheel is kept clean and free from impurities, ensuring operating efficiency.
  • You will be able to not only remove odours, bacteria, yeast, viruses and particles from the air, but also prevent them from moving across the heat exchanger wheel into the ingoing air.
  • The exhaust air will also be cleaned, in turn ensuring that no impurities enter the neighbouring area.

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