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Aerobic Wastewater Treatment



Aerobic treatment converts the organic pollutants (COD, BOD) in wastewater into a fair amount of excess sludge, and oxidizes the rest with oxygen (air) to carbon dioxide. This causes high operating costs for sludge treatment and disposal and for aeration, so that anaerobic treatment systems are normally to be preferred. The aerobic process however removes more pollution, so that it is always needed as a complementary polishing treatment, if river discharge standards have to be met. It can also treat many wastewaters for which anaerobic treatment is not suited. It can also remove nitrogen and phosphorus.

GWE's Range of Products

  • Conventional activated sludge system
  • ASTEROX: Flexible multi stage activated sludge system
  • SBR: Sequential Batch Reactor
  • CYCLOX: Continuous aerobic SBR
  • MEMBROX: Our membrane bioreactor (MBR) system,
  • Nitrification and denitrification (N-removal)
  • Biological phosphate removal (P–removal)

GWE uses mainly state-of-the-art activated sludge systems, although batch systems, sequencing batch reactors (SBR), and modified sequencing reactor systems are supplied as well. The activated sludge systems are designed to the individual requirements of each case:

  • with one or more aerated basins
  • with 'selector' basins for sludge bulking control
  • with 'cascaded' aeration basins (in series) for highest removal efficiency
  • with anoxic and/or anaerobic (non-aerated) basins for nitrogen and phophorus removal
  • with surface or submerged aeration
  • with continuous or intermittant aeration

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