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- Model Plus - Aerodynamic East/West-Oriented Flat-Roof System



AEROCOMPACT+ is our aerodynamic east/west-oriented flat-roof system with material and cost savings up to 30%. The rolling design of the module layout has very little uplift and therefore less ballast is needed. With AEROCOMPACT+ each kWp is simply and quickly mounted in three minutes. Like the Aerocompact S system, the AEROCOMPACT+ also comes with a 25-year limited product warranty, has been wind-tunnel tested, is TUV certified to UL 2703 standards, and comes delivered pre-assembled with building protection mats.

Ballast tray

This system type with ballast trays is used in areas with high wind loads and roofs with low point loads. The main advantage of this type of installation is that more ballast per module can be installed and the evenly distributed point load on the roof surface.

When using the ballast tray on gravel roofs, and the gravel serves as ballasting, it can be shoveled directly into the tray.

New Market-leading Testings 2.0

The System fulfills the newest Windtunnel Testing 2.0 on the current highest industry standards, Fire tested to UL 1703 and ETL certified according to UL 2703 standards.

Also very new with the 2.0 System are the two additional static tests.

One was made with TUV according to IEC 61215:2005 with different Modules Typs incl. flash-tests to ensure the lifetime of the solarcell in combination with the Aerocompact System.

The second one was the static strengths capacity test of an Array with 60 Modules to test the uplift and slide strengths capacity of the Aerocompact System.

Mounting Times

With just two major components and the pre‐assembled building protection pads, the Aerocompact Plus system is even faster and safes you additionally 30% Mounting Time in comparison to the South Version. The simple, straightforward installation process of the Aerocompact system saves time and reduces labor cost.

  • 2 man install 204 modules in 10 hours, including wire management and ballasting
  • Equals 61 KW/p per day

  • 25 years product warranty
  • Wind tunnel tested
  • Incl. protection pads with aluminum coating >TUV certified, conforms to UL 2703
  • Patent pending
  • Without roof penetration
  • Optimum module ventilation
  • Complimentary ballast calculation incl. roof layout
  • Made in Europe
  • Minimum order only 2 KWp
  • Module clamps with grounding pins
  • TUV certified, conforms to IEC 61215
  • Fire tested according to UL 1703
  • Best price value available
  • The fastest installation in the industry 1 kWp /2.5 min., 2 men
  • Statically optimized system
  • Less material = Less shipping costs
  • Optimized wind suction, therefore less ballasting
  • Optimized water drainage
  • Suitable for roof edge zones

  • Mounting Tilt:
    • AEROCOMPACT+: 10°
  • Inter-Row Spacing:
    • AEROCOMPACT+ (18°): 464 mm (18.3 inch)
  • Min. Array Size:
    • AEROCOMPACT+: 2 rows with 2 modules
  • Roof Edge Zone:
    • Roof areas F and G can be used
  • Module Dimensions:
    • 950 – 1050 mm x 1552 – 2080 mm (width - length)
  • Max. Roof Slope:
    • 5 Degree
  • Roof Height:
    • max. 25m
  • Windload:
    • up to 2.4 KN/m2
    • (Design load as a load combination of dead load and wind suction)
  • Snowload:
    • AEROCOMPACT Standard up to 2.4 KN/m2
    • AEROCOMPACT Alpin up to 4.4 KN/m2
    • (Design load as a load combination of dead load, wind and snow pressure)
  • Module approval:
    • Please request approved module list from the module manufacturer or Aerocompact
  • Materials:
    • Supporting materials made of aluminum EN AW 6060 T64, module-clamps aluminum EN AW 6063 T66, stainless steel screws, wind-deflector galvanized steel
  • Shipping:
    • approx. 40 KW per pallet, 700 KW per truckload
  • System Requirement:
    • Proof of static load capacity of the roof and the insulation needs to be provided by customer. General terms / warranty conditions and usage agreement apply.

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