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- Model Z+ - East/West Mounting System



The Z System was developed to maximize the use of modules on the roof. Compared to the standard S10 South-facing System our new Z System can guarantee to install more than 30% of modules on the same roof surface. A core benefit is the higher performance that is established with the new Z System over a life span, especially for large-scale projects. The System is available at an inclination of 5 and 10 degrees in East West orientation. An easy installation of cleaning robots is one of the promising features which is ideal with the set-up of 4 modules high in landscape.

  • Tightest available module density
  • Maximized use of roof space
  • Fastest installation times
  • Perfect for cleaning robots
  • Clean array design
  • Flexible mount 2, 3 or 4 modules high
  • More space to the roof
  • Engineered in Europe
  • Moduleclamps with grounding pins
  • Standardized components
  • Including project specific static calculations
  • Long-term corrosion protection

  • Module Tilt: 5°, 10°
  • Inter-Row Spacing: 15.75 inch per 8 modules
  • Protection pad: Fleece pre-assembled
  • Max. array size: 4 x 10 double rows, 240 modules
  • Min. array Size: 1 rows with 4 modules
  • Roof edge zone: Roof areas F and G can be used
  • Module dimensions: 37.4 – 41.3 inch x 61.1 – 81.9 inch (width - length)
  • Max. roof slope: 5 degree
  • Roof height: Max. 60 ft
  • Wind load: Up to 50 psf (Design load as a load combination of dead load and wind suction)
  • Snow load: AEROCOMPACT Standard up to 50 psf
  • Module approval: Please request approved module list from the module manufacturer or Aerocompact
  • Materials: Supporting materials made of aluminium EN AW 6060 T64, Module-clamps aluminium EN AW 6063 T66, stainless steel screws
  • System requirement: Proof of static load capacity of the roof and the insulation needs to be provided by customer.

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