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Aerodyne’s N2O trace gas monitors can provide a measurement precision for nitrous oxide less than 0.03 ppb (1σ) in one second and a measurement precision of less than 0.01 ppb with 60 seconds of averaging.  This incredible combination of high precision with fast time response (10 Hz) enables eddy covariance measurements of this globally important greenhouse gas.

This figure shows an Allan plot of concentration measurements obtained while sampling a stable N2O source for 12 hours at 10 Hz.   It demonstrates measurement noise of 20 ppt at 1 Hz which is even less than our specified noise performance.

We offer four versions of the N2O monitor (N2O with CO; N2O with CO2; N2O with CH4; N2O with CO and CO2 with slightly different measurement specifications.    In each case, the ability to simultaneously measure water vapor in the same instrument allows corrections for density and for line broadening to produce the dry air mixing ratio for N2O without using a permeation dryer.

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