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- Aerofoil Axial Flow Fan



Our JMv product is a fully cased axial flow fan which offers high efficiency performance. Each impeller is manufactured from high-pressure die cast aluminium, which is X-ray inspected using real time radiography (in accordance with ASTM E-155) to ensure product integrity and quality. Impellers are precision balanced to minimize vibration levels and assure smooth operation. Impeller blades are mounted into a hub and clamp plate assembly, which allows manual blade pitch angle adjustment that offers performance flexibility. Our design incorporates our innovative “VCC” technology, which uses high twist blades, blade features, an aerodynamically optimized hub design, integral 2-stage guide vanes and (for larger sizes) an impeller spinner to deliver outstanding energy saving performance.

Our JMv Aerofoil delivers aerodynamic efficiencies up to 84%, low SFPs and significant running cost and carbon emission reductions

  • Innovative CFD optimized design. Improved aerodynamic efficiency
  • High efficiency design delivers lower running costs: Down by 27%
  • Fully cased design – quick, simple and cost effective installation

  • Available in 11 diameters, 315 to 1000 mm
  • Volumes up to 100,000 m3/h (27.8 m3/s)
  • Static pressures up to 1638 Pa
  • Fan efficiencies of up 84% deliver low running costs (reduced by 27%) and enhanced SFP values
  • Improved fan efficiencies reduce the operational life time carbon foot print by up to 113 Tonnes
  • Fans are tested to ISO5801, BS848 and EN12101-3 (High Temperature)
  • Suitable for Standard temperature, 200°C/2, 300°C/2 and 400°C/2 smoke extraction
  • Fully compliant with ErP regulation 327/2011 (2nd Tier). Also exceeds 3rd Tier targets (due in 2020)
  • Fan casings are hot dip galvanized to offer enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Fully cased design makes installation quick, simple and cost effective
  • Single and two speed motors are available in 50Hz and 60Hz variants. Motor protection IP55
  • Low installed noise levels

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