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- Model Eco, Green & Metal - High-performance Pleated Panels



AeroPleat is a family of high-performance pleated panels. The AeroPleat can be used as a pre-filter in two-stage filtration systems but also in roof-top applications, small air handling units and other stand-alone applications.

  • Low pressure drop media resulting in low energy costs
  • Robust construction for reliable operation
  • Three frame alternatives with different benefits:
  • Green: Incinerable plastic frame for increased robustness and water resistance
  • Eco: Moisture resistant incinerable cardboard frame
  • Metal: Rigid frame for demanding applications. Fire classified M1

  • Application: Pre filter for comfort air conditioning applications
  • Type: Disposable pleated panel filter
  • Frame: Eco: Moisture resistant cardboard, Green: ABS plastic and Metal: Galvanized steel
  • Media: Mixture of cotton and synthetic fiber
  • Gravimetric efficiency: 90%
  • EN779:2012 efficiency: G4
  • Recommended final pressure drop: 250 Pa
  • Temperature: 70°C maximum in continuous service
  • Holding frames: Front and side access housings and frames

The AeroPleat family consists of three products: AeroPleat Eco, AeroPleat Green and AeroPleat Metal. All AeroPleat pleated panels are low-energy-consuming products because of their unique Camfil Farr media. The large amount of media and pleats also helps lower the pressure drop for reduced energy consumption. Equipped with wire backing that is very corrosion-resistant, the media can withstand high air flows and humid applications.

AeroPleat Eco has a beverage board suited for humid applications. It is lightweight, very easy to handle and fulfils most European regulations for incinerable products.

AeroPleat Green has a water-resistant plastic frame. It is 50% lighter than AeroPleat Metal, and like AeroPleat Eco, can be incinerated in accordance with most European standards.

AeroPleat Metal has a galvanized steel frame and M1 fire classification (French standard).

The AeroPleat family is suitable as pre-filters in two-stage filtration systems but can also be used in small air handling units, roof-top applications and other stand-alone systems.

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