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Aeroscope is a portable device for the sampling of air and the detection of bacteria, fungal spores and other anorganic constituents. Aeroscope® is a fully autonomous, self cleaning device which may operate unattended for over 4 months on site. It may harvest air volumes ranging from 1 m3 up to 1000 m3 without clogging the internal filtersystem. Airbone bacteria and fungi are subsequently lead into an aquascope and analysed by autonomous Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (FISH) using bacterium- or fungus specific DNA-probes.

In this configuration the AeroScope serves as an sampler add on and is being controlled by the AquaScope software. Airborne fungal spores (especially plant pathogens) may be detected using the optical flow detector (OFD®) in which micromorphometrical data are acquired in rapid succession and subsequently analyzed by a well trained neural network. This configuration allows for almost real-time determining the numbers of and the scpecies of the fungal spores in the sampled air volume. This  OFD® configuration is self cleaning and requires no servicing and incidental maintenance tasks can be performed using a telemetrical connection in most instances, thereby reducing physical travelling to a substantial degree.

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