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- Model AGS-5 - Aerosol Fire Extinguisher AGS-5

AGS-5 is a portable generator of fire extinguishing aerosol for operative use. Generator is made in a shape of a low metal cylinder which has a nozzle gap at the whole circle. Generator has a handle for its carry-over and throwing into protected room. As generator AGS-5 is thrown into the burning room from outside, the influence on humans of dangerous fire factors (such as high temperature, smoke, the danger of caving and electric shock) is reduced significantly or eliminated. Generator has a scratch wire starter which is activated by pulling out of the rope loop. Generator starts up with a delay which is enough for its safe throwing into the burning room. Generators AGS-5 have passed the whole complex of tests and are recommended to be used by firefighting crews and on the transport as operative firefighting devices.

Technical characteristics

Fire classes

Fire Class A Fire Class B

Maximum protected volume

60 m3

Recommended protected volume

40 m3

Net weight

<4.6 kg



217 mm


103 mm

Operating time

25 +/- 3.5 sec

Starter type


Start-up delay

6 - 10 sec

Operating conditions

Operating temperature 

-50° C / + 50° C

Relative humidity


Mechanical influence (at frequency up to 35 Hz)


* The starter type is chosen by the Buyer

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