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- Model 110 Series - SS110A - Universal Spot Sampler



The Series 110 Universal Spot Sampler provides maximum flexibility for aerosol research requiring a variety of analytical approaches. The common growth tube platform accommodates easy exchange between Liquid Spot and Sequential Spot Collector modules. Model SS110 Universal Spot Sampler includes the Growth Tube and both the Sequential Spot Collector and Liquid Spot Collector modules. The PAL700 Autosampler is sold separately. Sturdy, wheeled Pelican cases with custom foam inserts are available for safe transportation of your Spot Sampler aerosol particle collector. The case can be checked in as standard airline baggage.

Patented water condensation technology for high collection efficiency
Dry collection efficiency of >95% for particles 5nm to 2.5µm; >90% for wet collection up to >10µm. No particle bounce. Captures both soluble and insoluble particles. High collection efficiency in concentrated samples allows for quantitative analysis of elemental/chemical constituents.

New three-stage condensation technology with no heating of the air flow (patent pending)
Particle growth activation is achieved at temperatures close to ambient (25-30̊C) minimizing loss of semi-volatile compounds and reducing thermal decomposition. Gentle heating of the collection well for a limited duration evaporates the water without volatilizing the dry deposited material.

Sequential, uninterrupted, time-resolved sampling for dry particle collection
Allows for better assessment of temporal variability with user-selectable resolution from minutes to hours. Better time resolution improves the correlation between exposure levels and health/environmental effects, emission sources and ambient concentrations, and the effect of photochemistry in diurnal patterns.

Concentrated sample deposition
Dry particle deposits are concentrated in a 1-mm diameter area within a 75µL collection well. Concentrated particle suspensions are in 0.5 mL of liquid. Small volume extraction of concentrated samples improves analysis Limit of Detection (LOD) and Limit of Quantitation (LOQ).

Elimination of laboratory sample handling
Using a PAL3 autosampler as the interface between the sample plate and analytical instruments (e.g. IC, HPLC) eliminates the need for manual sample preparation steps such as sample cleaning, extraction and preconcentration typical of filter sampling. This significantly improves data quality and reduces the cost, time, and labor of chemical characterization.

Low acquisition and operating cost
Comparable in price to a basic filter sampler with pump, and up to 90% less expensive than an automated chemical particle analyzer. One analytical system can service multiple collectors. After analysis, collection plates and vials can be cleaned and reused.

Sample plate options
Users can select sample plates in a variety of configurations and materials optimized for the chemicals of interest and analytical technique. A multi-well sample plate made from PEEK® polymer is ideal for IC and HPLC analysis. Various substrates (for example, filter or foil disks) can be inserted into the individual wells providing a removable collection surface to accommodate analytical techniques such as thermodesorption GC-MS, ICP-MS, OC/EC and spectroscopic methods.

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