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The aerosol spectrometer 11-A from Grimm Aerosol Technik is the star among the portable fine dust measurement devices. The 11-A is popular with almost all occupational health and safety officers, dust monitoring specialists, but also with universities and research institutes as a top class device. With over 2,000 devices, the 11-A is successfully used in countless different areas around the world. This “gold standard”, as many users call it, is the consistent advancement of basic optical counters and classifies the airborne particlesin 31 size channels.

Already in the 20th century, the predecessor of the model 11-A introduced the era of aerosol spectrometers for measuring the particle distribution and dust mass in real-time. The technically well-engineered and handy model 11-A convinces satisfied customers with its high resolution, tough design and the modular expandability.

More than 30 years of experience of Grimm Aerosol Technik in manufacturing aerosol measuring devices reflects in the patented scattering light measuring cell and its electronic signal output for any particle size. The know-how and the high-quality materials guarantee precision and a high data quality.

The result is stored on a removable data storage card, or can be read out and analyzed via RS-232 at any time. The user-friendly and high-performance software – developed by Grimm especially for you – allows a numerical and graphical data analysis at any time.

Additionally, with the 11-A device the measured dust sample is collected on an integrated PTFE filter, so that a subsequent gravimetrical and/or chemical can be performed at any time.

There are many dust monitors, but most of them are nephelometers (no size classification) and thus the extrapolation of the mass distribution is not possible. Only Grimm’s 11-A is able to classify the particle size in real-time in 31 size channels, and also determines the dust mass from that. With this feature the 11-A remains the market leader of all dust measurement devices in this segment!

For extremely precise fine dust analyses within the size range 0.25 - 32 µm in 31 size channels, this top device is unique and remains unsurpassed! The areas of operation range from fine dust monitoring in industrial and manufacturing sites right up to workplace measurements.

The specially developed, user-friendly and high-performance graphics software 1178 allows online data presentation as mass distribution or count distribution or as histogram, and it tops off the profile.

The specific customer benefit of this model is

  • Output of measurement data as particle count and output of dust mass fractions in 31 channels (via software: output of measurement results important for occupational health according to European standard EN 481 and the PM10, PM2.5, PM1 values in real-time)
  • Small, portable, tough
  • Integrated, removable 47 mm PTFE filter for subsequent gravimetrical evaluation (dual technology)
  • Self-test for checking readiness for use at each start-up
  • Permanent rinsing air for keeping the optical measurement cell clean is integrated

  • 1110 Rechargeable lead battery
  • 1111 Radial symmetric sampling head
  • 1112C Mains adapter/ Battery charger for 220/110 V
  • 1113A PTFE filter (25 pcs.)
  • 1119 Straight sampling tube, 3 cm long
  • 1142.A2 Data storage card 4 MB
  • 1141A Special GRIMM communication cable RS-232 to USB
  • 1143E Special GRIMM communication cable RS-232 to RS-232
  • 1144B PVC carrying case with rigid foamed plastic insert
  • 1148 Mini filter for 0-Test
  • 1151A Clean room sampling heads for air speeds 0.5, 1, 2, and 4 m/sec
  • 1152 Isokinetic sampling set for air speeds 2 - 25 m/sec (4 nozzles)
  • 1155B External memory card reader with software
  • 1156 1156 Differential pressure sensor for basic instrument 11-Series (built-in)
  • 7951 7951 Variable diluter 'VKL-mini' as cascadable version for external air supply. Dilution ratios: 1:10, 1:31.6, 1:100, 1:316, and 1:1000
  • 1158-EE sensor for temperature and rel. humidity, temperature range -40 to +60C, cable length 1.5 m 1154 Sensor for temperature, rel. humidity and velocity, temperature range 0 to +80°C, cable length 3.0 m
  • 163 Glass fiber weather protection housing. Lockable with automatic winter heater and proportional summer ventilation, available in 110- 220V AC & 12, with special GRIMM communication cable RS-232 to USB, including heated 0.5 m sampling pipe with TSP head.
  • 163P Modification kit for 163 weather protection housing, consisting of a large sampling pump and 2 adapters for continuous spectrometer operation 1110.jpg

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