AeroThermal Group PLC

AeroThermal Group PLC

- Autoclave System


AeroThermal has incorporated aerospace technology into an in-house designed and patented rotating macerating and hydrolysing steam-injection autoclave.

Uses for the recovered organic materials range from:

  • anaerobic digesters
  • recovery of cellulosic fibre for building products
  • pelletized cellulose floc for gasification
  • feedstock for fermentation to bio-ethanol and/or bio-butanol.

Our unique patented autoclave system sterilises, pasteurises, hydrolyses and breaks down most types of organic waste without the need for pre-process de-packing, providing a much enhanced feedstock for anaerobic digesters and giving four times the typical gas yields of non-autoclaved waste. Successfully trialled over a thousand hours, AeroThermal has shown in it contract research laboratory that pre-treating some wastes with an autoclave can double the throughput of anaerobic digesters. The company is currently completing the manufacture of two 10-tonne autoclaves for waste treatment at its factory in Poole.

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