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The AEROTRAK™ Optical Particle Counter is an addition to TSI’s full line of real-time particle measuring instruments including photometers for mass concentration, condensation particle counters for ultrafine particles and diffusion charging with electrometer signal for surface area measurement. Typical applications include cleanroom monitoring, research, exposure assessment, indoor air quality, filter testing, clearance testing, quality assurance and contaminant migration studies.

The AEROTRAK Model 8220 is a lightweight, handheld particle counter that operates on the included lithium-ion battery or AC power. The AEROTRAK Model 8220 has a 0.1 CFM or 2.83 lpm flow rate and counts in 1 to 6 user-adjustable bin sizes from 0.3 to 10 microns. Over 100,000 data sets can be stored and downloaded for analysis and reporting using the included TrakPro™ Data Analysis Software. The AEROTRAK Model 8220 comes with a three-year warranty and meets JIS standards.

Features and Benefits 

  • User-adjustable bin sizes
  • Two-level location identification
  • Data log information, stores over 100,000 data sets
  • Easy to use, touch screen interface
  • 3-year warranty
  • TRAKPRO™ Data Analysis Software


  • Check filter performance and integrity
  • Clean room containment checks
  • Monitor ante/cloaking rooms
  • Filter checks
  • Verifying HVAC equipment performance in building management
  • Check safety cabinets
  • Check fume hoods
  • Check office equipment
  • Combustion leaks
  • Vehicle emission migration
  • Check manufacturing processes
  • Food processing quality assurance
  • Clearance verification, for example, HVAC system cleaning
  • Verifying environmental controls such as paint booth exhaust
  • Monitor construction and remodeling
  • Monitoring particle migration from construction or remodeling

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