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- Injector Odour Control System


The Aerox-Injector is a highly innovative injection based odour control system that is fitted outside the process gas duct. It has been successfully installed at over 250 locations worldwide in a wide range of industries.

The Aerox-Injector was developed and engineered by Aerox in cooperation with universities and research centres. It is based on non-thermal plasma injection technology. In short, the compact installation transforms clean air into active oxygen, which then executes an oxidation reaction with the odourous components in the process air flow. The oxidized odour molecules are undetectable by the human nose.

Easy Maintenance on Odour Control System
Only once per 8,000 hours the Aerox-Injector requires 1 day service, without production downtime. The odour control system functions fully autonomous and guarantees optimal and stable odour reduction for the complete period of 8,000 hours. The modular design allows for flexibility and upgrades.

Factory owners are assured of a state-of-the-art technology odour control system with additional benefits such as:

  • Highest efficiency in odour reduction possible
  • Minimal usage of electricity
  • No requirement for water, gas or chemicals
  • Easy to install, even in existing factories
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Suitable for all temperature and humidity ranges
  • Only 1 maintenance cycle per year, no process downtime

The Aerox-Injector uses clean ambient air for destruction of offensive odours. The air is pushed through a 3-stage filter. Then the purified air is drawn into the Aerox-cabinet, where it passes through the non-thermal plasma modules. Within the plasma, oxygen and water vapour molecules are split, transforming them into active oxygen. This highly reactive mixture is then injected into the process air exhaust duct.

Odour Destruction by Oxidation

There is no direct contact between the process air and the generated plasma field. Process air cannot enter the Aerox unit since the injection fan ensures a higher pressure inside the Aerox-cabinet compared to the process air duct. Also the specially designed connecting injection adapter between the Aerox-cabinet and process duct contains non-return valves.

Injection Air

The active oxygen in the injection air executes a high-speed oxidation reaction (< 0,5 seconds) with the offensive odour molecules inside the process air. This makes them inoffensive and undetectable by the human nose, solving the odour problem.

Integration of Odour Destruction System

The Aerox-Injector is a compact industrial odour destruction system, converting only a small air volume with cold plasma into active oxygen. Nevertheless, direct injection allows treatment of high volumes of process air (up to 140,000 m3/h). The injection technology makes it easy to integrate in the production process. No production downtime and no major adjustments to process installations are needed.

Sustainable Odour Control

The Aerox-Injector is designed specifically with the environment in mind. All it needs is a relatively small amount of electricity. Aerox guarantees a sustainable odour control solution:

  • No fuel
  • No water
  • No chemicals
  • No waste.

Low CO2 Emission

The Aerox-Injector generates active oxygen to destroy offensive odours using non-thermal plasma or cold plasma technology. One of the biggest advantages of cold plasma, or cold combustion, is that the ionization process starts at room temperature. Normally combustion is achieved at much higher temperatures. Therefore relatively little electricity is required and the CO2 emission remains low.

No Fuel Required

Our aim is to run the Aerox-Injector on as little resources as possible, keeping the installation as small as possible. Our environmentally friendly odour control system runs completely on electricity and nothing else. By continuous research we keep trying to further lower its energy consumption as well as minimizing its size.

Easy Integration

Because our technology is based on the injection principle, it is relatively simple to integrate into the production process without production downtime. No major adjustments are necessary.

No Waste Flows

Renewal of the plasma modules after 8,000 hours is included in our service contract. We reuse the modules and recycle the other components. We are also proud our Aerox-Injector generates no waste, affluent water or residue chemicals whatsoever.

Aerox provides long-term, total odour control solutions across industries, across the globe. The Aerox®-Injector is regarded as the ‘Best Available Technology’ by governments and companies alike. Up to 98% odour reduction and an unique ability to remove odours from wet process air, have made the choice easy for several world market leaders such as Cargill, Rothkötter, British American Tobacco, Tate & Lyle, Mitas, Dairygold, Biomar, Biovet, Bayer Cropscience, Shanghai Tobacco, Grobest Feeds, Pronova Biopharma, Aarhuskarlshamn and Moypark


Since odour is more a nuisance than a political issue or an environmental problem, it is high on the list of priorities within companies across all sectors. corporate image is pivotal to the overall status and success of companies today, decision makers are keen to invest in technology to combat such nuisances.

The Aerox-injector is designed specifically with the environment in mind. the injector requires no water, chemicals or fuel to operate. Due to its unique agitated oxygen technology, which works on the principle of passing air between specially prepared cathodes and anode, all it needs is a relatively small amount of electricity. and it produces no waste whatsoever.

From Electricity To Fresh AIR

  • No fuel
  • No water
  • No chemicals
  • No waste

The primary focus of our efforts is to remove ground-level odour nuisances resulting from your production process. The technology at the heart of our solutions is the Aerox-Injector, a small unit that is affixed to the outside of your exhaust duct and injects ‘active oxygen’ into it. This oxidises the odorous molecules, making them undetectable to the human nose.

Hence, with the aerox-injector, all your neighbours can enjoy what they like to take for granted: Fresh air.

Aerox B.V. has the experience and knowhow of the source and composition of odours across many industries, as well as with scientific tools and processes to investigate the complexity of each unique situation. aerox will reduce your plant’s odour emissions to acceptable levels, and often even eradicate them all together.


The Aerox-Injector is a non-thermal plasma unit that is fitted outside the process gas duct. Clean, ambient air is used to generate oxygen radicals, which are injected into the exhaust gas flow, oxidizing the odour molecules present and thereby rendering them inoffensive.

Odour Control Across the Industrial Spectrum Aerox boasts much experience in odour control across many industrial sectors. And the list of specific industries continues to expand. The best way to control odours, however, is unique to each situation. Obviously, the nature of a production process and the odours it produces form the point of departure for any solution that Aerox delivers. But factors such as climate, geographic location and governmental regulations play a significant role, too.

Benefits at a glance

  • Compact unit
  • Capacity upgradable
  • Cold plasma unit remains clean
  • Suitable for even saturated exhaust gas flows
  • High odour reduction rates
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable
  • Air flows up to 80,000 m3/h can be treated using just one Aerox-Injector
  • Remote performance control
  • No production downtime

  • Pet food
  • Fish feed
  • Poultry feed
  • cereals
  • Oil seed processing
  • Biodiesel
  • Drying tobacco leafs
  • slaughterhouses/rendering
  • Food
  • Pharmacy/feed ingredients
  • rubber tyre production
  • traces h2s/mercaptans

Aerox B.V. is the world’s leading odour control specialist using environmentally friendly and highly efficient cold-plasma injection technology. We have in-depth knowledge and experience of all aspects of odour abatement processes, across industries as diverse as pet food and rubber tyre production.

The Aerox approach starts by giving you information and advice on the feasibility of contracting aerox in your specific situation. this advice is given based on information you can give us over the telephone, like process details and local geography and climate.

Odour problems are complex and unique. aerox offers service on-site trials enabling the clients to find out what performance can be realized at what aerox capacity. Based on the test results we design and provide optimal odour control solutions. Qualifi ed project engineers will cooperate with your engineers to ensure optimal implementation. after start-up aerox will support you with services as module changes and remote performance control, reducing costs of maintenance and focusing on a long-term cooperation.

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