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- Model 1000 - Optical Emission Spectrometer



In an Optical Emission spectrometer, all atoms in a sample are excited simultaneously so they can be detected simultaneously using a polychromator with multiple detectors.

The AES-1000 is a built-in industrial control computer with LCD display and comes with the following features and specifications:


  • Various metal bases can be analysed: ferrous metals of Fe, Co, Ni and Ti base, and non-ferrous metals of Cu, al, Pb, Mg, Zn and Sn base.
  • Adopting the exciting source with high reproducibility and stability. The exciting frequency can be changed in the rang of 150160 Hz to match the material to be analyzed and get the best analytical results.
  • Windows based software with easy and simple operation.
  • In-built data base allowing long-distance data transfer.
  • Quality control diagram can be established automatically for easy easy quality control and monitoring.
  • High vibration resistance ability. It is not necessary to make vibration resistance base.
  • Partial thermostat system for fewer requirements to the environment.

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