Benchmark Monitoring

Benchmark Monitoring

- Model AE33 - Air Quality Monitoring System



The AE33 Aethalometer® is designed to integrate into common air quality monitoring station set ups. Model AE33 offers measurement at 7 wavelengths enabling comprehensive examination of the deposited aerosol including size distribution, physical properties and identification of primary components. Aerosol loading effects are eliminated via the Dual SpotTM measurement method and real time calculation of loading compensation parameters.

  • Measurement of seven wavelengths - 370, 470, 520, 590, 660, 880 and 950nm,
  • Time resolution to 1 second,
  • Real-time DualSpot™ Technology for compensation of loading effect
  • Dynamic active zero check and automatic stability check,
  • Optical Calibration and Validation capability (more info)
  • Network ready, standard 19” rack mount with touchscreen display  
  • Internal sample pump with electronic flow control
  • BIomass burning indicator
  • Accessories include neutral density optical filter validation kit, CO2 sensor, ambient meteorological sensor and aerosol inlet dryer

Black Carbon
Product name-AETHALOMETER® AE33
Manufacturer-Magee Scientific
Description-MEASUREMENT PRINCIPLE Continuous collection of aerosol on filter with simultaneous measurement of attenuation of transmitted light at wavelengths of 370, 470, 520, 590, 660, 880 and 950 nm. Black Carbon concentration measurement is defined by the absorption measurement at 880 nm. Multiple wavelength analysis for source apportionment (identification of biomass smoke), studies of aerosol light absorption, radiative transfer, atmospheric optics. High data rate capability for source and emissions testing.
DUALSPOTTM TECHNOLOGY Simultaneous analysis of light absorption by aerosol deposits collected on 2 spots in parallel at different loading rates*. Mathematical combination of data yields Black Carbon result independent of ''spot loading effects'' and provides additional information about aerosol composition.SOURCE APPORTIONMENT Discrimination of Black Carbon from fossil fuel versus biomass combustion poss
No of Measured parameters-1
Measurement Parameter-Black Carbon
Measurement range-<0.01 to >100 μg/m3 Black Carbon
Sensitivity-Proportional to time-base and sample flow rate settings: approximately 0.03 μg/m3 @ 1 min, 5 LPM
Resolution-0.001 μg/m3 or 1 ng/m3 (user-definable display units)
Detection Limit (1 hour)-: <0.005 μg/m3
Measurement frequency- Time-base 1 second or 1 minute
Minimum averaging period- Post-processing to any time resolution greater than measurement frequency
Operating temperature range-10- ~ 40 °C  (instrument)
Operating humidity range-Non-condensing
Electrical Power supply-: 100-230VAC, 50/60Hz (auto-switching)
Communications-Digital data via RS-232 COM port and Ethernet
Software-AethNETTM (Separate product)
Data logging-Data are written to internal memory once every time-base period. Stored data may be transferred over a network or to a manually inserted USB drive.
Dimensions-(HxWxD): 28 x 43 x 33 cm
Mounting-Standard 19”/6U rack mount
 Accessories & Consumables-Neutral Density Optical Filter validation kit (PN 7662) Ambient meteorological sensor, with 10-m cable (PN 5510) Aerosol Inlet Dryer including external pump (PN 5610) PM2.5 inlet (2.5 μm @ 5 LPM) (PN 4110) PM1 inlet (1 μm @ 5 LPM, 2.5 um @ 2 LPM) (PN 4114) Mini PM Inlet configurable: PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10, TSP (PN 4121) CO2 sensor, integrated with AE33 airflow & data acquisition (PN 5710) Flow Calibrator, with cable for automatic/manual use (PN 7900) Insect Screen Assembly with Water Trap (PN 9556)Tape Sensor Calibration Disc kit (PN 3410)Shockproof & waterproof transit case (PN 9610)

  • Continuous real-time outdoor monitoring
  • Aerosol research

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