Model AF10 - Filtering Ventilation Safety Cabinet



External dimensions (H x W x D in mm): 850 x 810 x 325. Internal dimensions (H x W x D mm): (2x) 535 + (1x) 250 (2x) 385 + (1x) 300 (2x) 275 + (1x) 305. Number of comparment(s): 3. Storage Capacity (L): 41. Number of shelves in steel: 2. PVC base trough: 2. Weight (kg): 50.

  • Adsorption capacity in compliance with the NF X 15-211 norm.
  • Large warning labels in compliance with ISO 3864 norm and 92/58/CEE european directive.
  • Electric fan in compliance with CE specifications.

  • Cabinet delivered ready to use.
  • Independent cabinet ensuring perfect security.
  • Elimination of dangerous vapours.
  • No need of connection to an exhausting system. No modification of building structure required.
  • Easy sight of the stored products.
  • Perforated shelves allowing liquids flow in case of discharge.
  • Ventilation system with lighting control.
  • Window control for presence of the filter adapted to your needs .
  • Specialised high efficiency active charcoal filter, in compliance with the NF X 15-211 norm, treated following chemical products stored.
  • Dust pre-filter, 92% efficienty with less then 3 µm particles.
  • Easy replacement of the active coal filter.
  • Hour meter continuously indicating the total duration of the cabinet's use. After programming, a beep will indicate, after 60 hours, that it is necessary to control the saturation of the activated carbon filter.

Storage compartment:

  • Built in 15/10th steel. Double doors construction (AF1X : frame in high pressure laminated)
  • Large glazed door with framing.
  • White epoxy paint (RAL 9010).
  • Perforated shelves adjustable in height.
  • Double air inlet at the bottom.
  • Drawer/retention tank at the bottom with absorbing mat.

 Ventilation/filtration compartment:

  • Noiseless fan : 220-240 volts 50 Hz; flow: 202 m3/h; 0,2 A; 47 watts; sound level 49 dB(A) (without airflow) ; delivered with cable and plug.

Additional shelf.
Active charcoal filters:

  • The cabinets are delivered without active charcoal filter. You must select one depending on your chemicals stored.

Control of filter saturation level by FILTRALARM: Control lead

  • Monitoring system to control the air velocity across the filter
  • Adjustment allowing the detection of filter saturation level and faulty air flow
  • Sound alarm indicating a malfunction in the device Visual alarm system.

Control of filter saturation level by REACTIVE TUBES: Control port on the side of the cabinet Use of a manual pump

  • Control of efficienty of active coal filter’s saturation level by observing the tubes.

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