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- Model MPV and MPV-B - Medium Pressure Vertical Pumps


Some of the prime applications for the Model MPV and MPV-B pumps are: amine circulating, boiler feedwater, hydrocarbon processing, injection, LPG and LNG storage, pipeline and pipeline booster, reverse osmosis and tank farm transfer. Afton has hundreds of units in service with horsepowers to 1,250, suction pressures to 1,500 PSI, temperatures from -250ºF to +450ºF and capacities to 60,000 barrels per hour.

  • Appreciable savings in dollars are realized by the reduced space requirements and high operating efficiency of the vertical design. Vertical mounting eliminates the problem of misalignment due to temperature extremes.
  • Experienced selection of metallurgy provides the best possible combination for the intended service.
  • Afton can provide materials for service in non-corrosive, corrosive, and non-lubricating fluids. Alloy construction is available for highly corrosive services.
  • Required NPSH as low as theoretical zero can be obtained, since the impeller eye is well below the centerline of the pump  suction. Hydraulic efficiency is excellent, largely because of the advantages of multi-stage design.
  • Bowl assembly diffuser design has no appreciable radial thrust and provides down thrust to keep the shaft in tension during all normal operations, effectively reducing shaft deflection and vibration. Options are available to handle upthrust when it cannot be avoided.
  • Afton has Model MPV pumps in hydrocarbon service with over fifteen years of maintenance free operating time.

  • Fabricated steel discharge head and barrel are designed and welded in accordance with ASME Section VIII unfired pressure vessel code (per API-610). The discharge head is thermally stress-relieved. MPV's and MPV-B's are hydro-tested to 1 - 1/2 times design pressure.
  • Suction and discharge flanges are on the same above ground centerline, simplifying foundation and piping layout. Below ground suction connection is available if desired.
  • Stuffing box with bushing is designed to reduce pressure in the seal cavity and provide proper radial shaft support.
  • The standard seal arrangement is a cartridge mounted, 'O' ring sealed, balanced design available from any of the major seal manufacturers.
  • One piece stainless steel  shaft is standard.
  • The MPV is furnished with an all steel rigid adjustable spacer coupling to transmit up and down thrust, with adequate spacer length for seal assembly removal.
  • The MPV-B design maximizes seal life, eliminates the requirement for high thrust motors, uses standard flexible couplings, permits easy seal changes, and simplifies motor alignment.
  • The Model MPV-B pump thrust bearings are oil lubricated, angular contact type with a standard B-10 life of 40,000 hours. Oil Mist and Purge Mist lubrications are also available. The bearing bracket and cover plate are machined for all options.

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