- Drainage systems

Earlier Planting and Harvesting - Drainage systems remove excess water that hampers soil warm-up in the spring. This can be particularly important when using no-till or conservation tillage practices. Consistent water table levels throughout the growing season will allow faster, more consistent plant growth for quicker harvest start-ups in the fall.

Deeper Root Growth - The objective of system drainage is water table control. Soil particles only bind what can be used. Beyond this point, water table levels become too high due to excess moisture. When this happens, particularly in the spring, plant root growth is slowed or stopped completely. Plants also become more susceptible to disease. The removal of excess moisture insures continued root growth for better production when moisture is scarce.

Better Fertilizer Usage - Excess moisture can make your valuable inputs unavailable. The proper balance of moisture, oxygen and organic matter can more readily be achieved and maintained through proper system drainage. Fertilizers become more usable under these conditions and unnecessary run-off is decreased.

Increased Bacterial Action - Removal of excess moisture increases and promotes bacterial action in the soil, leading to increased yields.

Total Field Farming - System drainage is a refreshing mindset. The objective is more than drying up wet areas. The goal is increased yield. Without question though, system drainage will show some of the greatest benefits in areas of persistent excess moisture problem transforming some of your least productive land into performance fields.

Reduced Production Costs - Your production costs can be decreased through better usage of inputs from your field management plan. Wear on equipment will also decrease as the drainage system helps improve the structure of your soils.

Increased Land Value - A well-drained field is more valuable. Your production increases as you make the final step towards maximum production.

Better Aeration of the Soil - With excess moisture removed, the oxygen balance of your fields reaches proper levels-promoting plant growth.

Higher Crop Yields - System Drainage represents greater production. It is the final step for today's top producers to bring fields up to their full capabilities. Drainage should be strongly considered before purchasing additional land, equipment or buildings. It is the only agricultural investment that will help pay for itself every year. Whole farm drainage is taking the Midwest by storm! Drainage Pays-Yield Monitors Prove It!

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