- Biomass Baler

The biomass harvesting system currently in development at AGCO is a one-pass system that marries proven combine technology and the durable, reliable Hesston large square baler to collect and package clean corn cobs, husks and leaves into 3-foot-by-4-foot square bales. The time-saving system requires just one pass through the field for both grain and crop residue harvest. In addition, it provides a biomass product that has minimal silicon content (dirt) as compared to other collection and storage options.

  • Feeding System - 4 strand feed conveyor with offset slats and variable speed header drive 
  • Helical vane front feeder consistently feeds rotor for maximum capacity and performance
  • Threshing, Separating and Cleaning - Single-axial rotor design with conical inlet and direct residue discharge 
  • Constant speed rotor control with infinitely variable speeds from 200 -1,040 rpm plus a full power reverse 
  • Concave area: 2,721 in 2 (1.75 m2) separating area: 2,400 in 2 (1.55 m2)
  • Cleaning System - 61.8 in. (1,570 mm) wide cleaning system with variable fan speed 500-1,150 rpm 
  • Cleaning area: 8,296 in 2 (5.35 m2)
  • Grain Handling System - 350 bushel (12,334 L) hopper-style, center-fill grain bin with 4.5 BPS peak unload rate 
  • Chrome augers including clean grain, tailings, bin cross, and unloading auger
  • Power System - CAT C13 six-cylinder diesel engine, wastegate turbocharged and after-cooled 425 hp (317 kW) @ 2,100 rpm with 459 hp (342 kW) power bulge 
  • 230 gal fuel tank (870 L)
  • Hydraulic System - Closed center load sensing hydraulic system with variable displacement pump 28.2 gal/min (107 L /min)
  • Drive / Propulsion System - Hydrostatic traction drive with four-speed transmission, 0 to 21 mph (0-33.8 km/h) 
  • Adjustable steering axle with dual-steering cylinders and 119 to 143 in. (3,023-3,632 mm) wheel tread
  • Precision AG System - Fieldstar II yield monitoring system standard equipment with 1 Hz WAAS-DGPS receiver and C2000 plus color touch screen terminal with video capability and grain-loss monitoring system 
  • Factory- or dealer-installed Auto-Guide® II option on all models
  • Challenger 680B - ClassVIII
  • Massey Ferguson 9895 - Class VIII
  • Gleaner A86 - CLASS VIII

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