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- Model 130 - Super Spool Baler



New technologies in today’s large square balers require new technology in baler twine. Bales are being made denser than ever and this calls for AGCO Baler Twine, the right twine to get the job done. AGCO 130 Super Spool offers the security needed when baling either the heaviest silage bale or the densest straw bales, without letting you or the baler down. It’s manufactured in the now popular ‘big spool’ format, delivers the greatest knotting strength in this sector of the market, optimized for all modern, High-Density balers.

Uniformity and consistency
AGCO 130 SUPER SPOOL is manufactured to a Quality Assurance system, ensuring uniformity and consistency throughout.

Easy feed system
The ’easy feed’ spool system provides a wider spool center from which twine is drawn allowing it to run free and easier from the spool center without kinking. This eliminates problems in the twine guides and knotter mechanism.

High strength
AGCO 130 SUPER SPOOL is highly fibrillated, guaranteeing that the twist is uniformly applied to the twine allowing trouble free operation through the twine guides and knotter mechanism.

Giant spool format
To optimize the baler’s output, AGCO 130 SUPER SPOOL is produced in ‘giant size’ single-spool format, making the best use of the balers’ twine boxes by providing more bales per spool ‘load’.

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