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Chain belt conveyor were developed for the promotion of heavy and bulky bulk materials with high throughput performances. Frequent application is the use in the recycling industry as function tape for processes downstream. Chain belt conveyers are suitable outstanding for the horizontal or rising promotion. Depending upon promotion function drivers in different report can be installed on the rubber belt.Always chain belt conveyers consist of a clamping station, even distance pieces, if necessary reversing stations and a driving station. The rubber belt can be supplied depending upon request to various report and by crossbeams is supported or propelled.Agenis Technik chain conveyers are appropriate for maximal flexibility, also with rough operation conditions, with a broad material spectrum and for most different basic conditions.

For example can be promoted motor-car tires, skip refuse, waste paper or home and industrial waste reliably to different dimensions. A frequent application is the filling of baling presses, sorting equipment and shredder.

For the handling of chemically aggressive materials Agenis technique of chain belt conveyers are available in special materials.

In our delivery program you find different report in modular building method. Within the Agenis Technik series spare parts can be used for example problem-free for other conveyers.

A substantial advantage of this system is the subsequent extension or change possibility with modified tasks. Also with difficult spatial conditions our chain belt conveyer can be assembled on the spot.

Depending upon customer's request and supply we plan both completely installed haulage systems as well as individual chain belt conveyers.

  • Modular building method
  • Stable welded structure
  • Subsequently expandable
  • Insensitively opposite breakdown bodies in the material to be conveyed
  • Simple and robust construction
  • High mechanical handling capacity
  • Careful and even mechanical handling capacity
  • Extensive configuration options

  • Mechanical handling capacity in dependency of the bulk density
  • Elbow variable to 50 °
  • Effective width up to 2.500 mm
  • Promotion length up to 35.000 mm

  • Driver of different materials (rubber, steel etc.)
  • Sealed directional controls
  • Temperature-steady tape
  • Start under load
  • Alternatively flange or pedestal bearings
  • Promotion channel cover
  • Lower run convering
  • Percussion rails
  • Automatic lubricant facility
  • Chain directional control
  • Belt stripper
  • Function slot and promotion channel in different heights
  • Arrangement at ground level
  • High-grade steel execution
  • Further report on request

  • Fuel stocks for heating installations
  • Sort stocks for the recycling industry
  • Stock of raw materials places for the cement industry
  • Stocks, template and dosing bin for industrial production plants
  • Other applications

  • High energy efficiency
  • High, variable mechanical handling capacity
  • Noiseless operation
  • Product-careful feed
  • Extensive configuration possibilities
  • Small susceptibility to interference
  • Long lifetime
  • Subsequently expandable
  • Material in and - dropping* in any place
  • Fully execution bolted
  • Wheeled loader/excavator filling possible
  • Small space requirement
  • Large spans
  • Snaps availability of spare parts
  • Corrosion or wear protection
  • Snaps and simple assembly
  • High ease of maintenance

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