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Agenis Technik screw dischargers are suitable for all types of silo for delivering of  coarse materials with bad flow properties. For example for tire shreds or wet sewage sludge. Of course also different bulk materials can be stored such as wood hogged woods, bark, charcoal, drying sewage sludge, animal flour, raw meal or types of dust and delivered reliably.Depending upon chemical properties of the used bulk materials Agenis Technik screw dischargers are available in normal steel, high-grade steel or with corrosion or wear protective coatings.The screw dischargers exist to be arranged essentially from several propelled worm shafts those arbitrarily broadly, with different diameters, in a trough construction can.

Independently of the number of worm shafts we achieve a 100%-discharge during constant discharge performance. The storage height in relation to width amounts to 3 to 1st discharge performances to 400 m ³/h and installation lengths to 10m is as standard types for the order.

The Agenis Technik modular construction permits a very fast and simple assembly as well as the subsequent extension of existing attachments.

Our screw dischargers are suitable for the dosage and delivering of coarse materials, also with large bulk material quantities.Screw dischargers are with a discharge performance to 400 m ³/h realizable. Depending upon application the discharge performance can by the amount of that Screws to be defined.

  • Fuel stocks for heating installations
  • Sort stocks for the recycling industry
  • Stock of raw materials places for the cement industry
  • Stocks, template and dosing bin for industrial production plants
  • Other applications

  • xchangeable hole filter
  • Air intake flap
  • Turning monitoring
  • Material slidegate valve
  • Flange or pedestal bearing
  • Keep at a moderate temperature-able report
  • Segment by segment exchangeable wear protection for the snail trough
  • Screw shafts with wear-restraining coating
  • Pressure surge celebrations execution
  • High-grade steel execution
  • Further report on request

  • High storage heights
  • Complete discharge with bulk materials with bad flow properties
  • Small susceptibility to interference
  • Modular structure
  • To 10 m snail length no central storage of the worm shaft necessarily
  • Subsequently expandable
  • Snaps availability of spare parts
  • Corrosion or wear protection
  • Snaps and simple assembly
  • Low operating cost

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