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Agenis Technik screw conveyors are tuned non-standard with the request of the customer and represent a simple and reliable possibility, materials of all kinds over relatively short distances horizontal to transport diagonally and in special cases even vertically.Depending upon task and product properties in or more-wavy snail systems are used. Screw conveyors up to 10 m are available according to standard without central storage. Screw conveyors can be run and consisted as trough or tubing snail of a snail housing, snail tree and a drive unit.

Agenis Technik screw conveyors are for maximal flexibility, also for rough operation, with a broad material spectrum (weight, grain size, abrasion behavior) as well as most different basic conditions (humidity, temperature) laid out. They are characterized by a closed, dust proof execution. For example tire shreds, wet and dry sewage sludge, bark, hogged wood, fluff or types of dust can be promoted reliably to different grain size. For the handling of chemically aggressive materials Agenis Technik screw conveyors are available in special materials and wear-protected report.

Screw conveyors know different process steps, how e.g. collect, apart from pure promotion functions also distribute, deliver, compression, to mix or proportion to take over. Additionally they can be run also as heating or cooling snail.

According to the customer requirement at installation situation, promotion function, material composition and integration into the production process Agenis offers custom-made augers in most diverse trim levels to technique. Depending upon customer requirement and supply we plan both completely installed haulage systems as well as individual screw conveyors .  


Single screw conveying output up to 100 m³/h* 
Double screw conveying output up to 200 m³/h*

*Conveying output depending on diameter, number of revolutions and product properties

  • Simple and robust construction
  • Material in and - release in any place
  • Corrosion or wear protection according to request
  • Closed, dust proof execution
  • High mechanical handling capacity

Agenis Technik screw conveyor are more-wavily structured depending upon application in or. They are suitable for the use when horizontal, rising or vertical promotion of bulk materials over short distances

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