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Trough chain conveyers are for the bulk material feed developed conveyer plants, with which an endlessly closed chain with drivers is installed, which transport the bulk material in a closed trough. Depending upon promotion function can be promoted horizontal or rising.Always the scraper conveyer consists of a clamping station, even distance pieces, if necessary reversing stations and a driving station. The material in and - release can be arranged in any place.

Design conditionally these promoters are appropriate for the rough operation with a broad material spectrum (weight, grain size, humidity, temperature) and are characterized by a closed, dust proof execution. For example tire shreds, wet and dry sewage sludge, bark, hogged wood, fluff can be promoted or shredded skip refuse reliably to different grain size. It can be promoted both in the lower run and in the upper run. Our trough grounds and chain guides are always configuration with wear protection. The drivers are available in different heights and materials.

In our delivery program you find different report in modular building method. A substantial advantage of this system is the subsequent extension or change possibility with modified tasks. Also with difficult spatial conditions our scraper conveyer can be assembled on the spot. Changed tasks can be adapted with comparatively small effort, economically to the new situation in such a way.
Depending upon customer's request and supply we plan both completely installed haulage systems and individual scraper conveyers.

  • Modular building method
  • Integrableness into existing attachments
  • Closed, dust proof execution
  • High mechanical handling capacity
  • Suitability for most different bulk material request
  • Robust construction
  • High energy efficiency
  • Flexible extensibility
  • Extensive configuration options

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