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Coolant, oil, and lubricant mist from metal machining, grinding, or sawing, can result in mist circulating throughout an entire facility.  Often not realized, is that the mist droplets also contain a very fine solid particle of the abrasive or of the metal being processed.  After the worker has the first “opportunity” to inhale it, the droplet settles on a surface like lighting, floors, machines, or work benches, where the mist evaporates, leaving its residue and the tiny solid particles to accumulate.  Often called “smut”, it’s more than s housekeeping nuisance, causing respiratory and skin problems, HVAC problems, and even shorted machinery life.

  1. Capture the mist at the source before it’s dispersed
  2. Trap the mist and drain the cleaned, often reusable fluid
  3. Retain the solids in the filter for economical disposal

This is the Mistkop solution, and because we use larger and higher efficiency filters, we don’t waste horsepower having to spin them to achieve efficiency.  This is why Mistkop mist collectors are more economical, reliable, and achieve far more air volume (CFM) with less horsepower than other mist collectors.

There are two styles of Mistkop mist collectors.  The style with the motor on top and mist filter below can easily be suspended from overhead or wall mounted to draw and filter mist from processes like wet grinding or CNC machines.  The “U” style, with the angle iron base and the motor and fan under the mist filters can be machine, floor, or caster mounted.  Both are designed for source capture using duct or hose connections.  Our units filter mist and contaminants from the air stream, acting as mist eliminators and returning  cleaned air to the workplace.   Exterior venting  is optional.  Captured oil mist or coolant is drained from the filter and can be returned to the process, where desired.  Mistkops are also used in food or bakery application such as pan spraying or as divider oil mist collectors.

The Mistkop is an efficient and inexpensive mist eliminator that generally  operates with filter changes only every 3-6 months, or more, and doesn’t require a spinning filter drum that robs horsepower and can cause vibrations and bearing failures.

MISTKOP's proven design couples simplicity with efficiency. No spinning filter to waste horse-power or cause vibrations due to unbalanced filters. Mist and contaminants are captured at the source rather than after they are dispersed as with unducted or electronic units. Easily replaced, low cost filters. Collected fluid drains to your process or container. Usually hung near the source, but all models are available 'inverted' such as VC-51 for direct or floor mounting. Secondary filters can be added for smoke.

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