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- Incubation Cabinet



Ready to use unit. Without base or wall brackets. (may also be connected to a central temperature control unit in any number). Trout farming is changing crucially from extensive pond cultivation towards highly intensive ways of fish farming. In trout farming and aquaculture, developments are therefore leading to modern, highly reliable hatching devices.

This incubation cabinet marks the latest developments in trout hatching. The most important advantages of this system are:

  • The slim unit contains 10 incubation trays holding up to 100,000 trout eggs while it requires a mere 1.8 l of water flow-through per minute. That is 1/10 of the water needed in conventional systems.
  • Minimal water consumption allows the incubation water to be heated or cooled according to your requirements at very realistic energy and construction costs. Hence the incubation and development time can be sped up or delayed following your daily operation requirements.
  • The entire spawn development from fertilization to swimming fry takes place in removable filter trays.
  • A natural development of the spawn is ensured due to the darkness in the cabinet. Loss is minimal and the average fry weight is substantially higher than with other methods.
  • The slim build of the cabinet units constitutes an important space advantage over other incubation systems.
  • The automatic water supply ensures the highest possible reliability.
  • Inspection and maintenance are simplified by the slide-out incubation trays.
  • These cabinets can be put up just about anywhere as operational units and thus make for very convenient working conditions.

Incubation cabinet depicted without front cover which is included. Delivery without base.

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