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Agpro has several types of aerators available for use in wastewater tanks and ponds. Energy efficiency, weather protection and serviceability are all factors taken into account when developing each of these units. They can be mounted on floating platforms or fixed brackets. The following picture is the 5 hp Centirator with an Eddy Guide Ring which allows for a broader and more aggressive flow as air pressure surfaces. HHLD aerator fitted with flow enhancing shrouds. The components are galvanized, plastic and stainless steel. Mixing primarily works by forcing anaerobic liquids to the surface where they become aerobic, in so doing the aerobic zone size is greatly enhanced. Mixers work slower, but are generally more energy efficient than aerators. Since their action is less aggressive the aerobic zone is improved but not to the extent gained with aeration. Aeration aggressively injects air into the waste containment vessel to saturate the water with oxygen.

Substantial mixing is a residual benefit of this primary action. Aeration provides the maximum aerobic zone for the most efficient bacterial treatment and is generally more suitable for separate anaerobic and aerobic ponds.

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