Model Agri 20 - Pellet Machine


Developed for use in research of new products and processes. This little machine was developed for use in research and development of new products and processes. At the NAMPO 2003 Agricultural Show in South Africa we had a lot of enquiries for a similar machine for small scale production. This led to the design of the original concept and the Agri 20 as we know it today was born. The Agri 20 is custom-built for customers in Europe with a very small capacity requirement. It is fractionally cheaper than our top seller, the Agri 50. The reason for this is that it uses the same chassis, however the die-ring and motor are smaller in size and capacity.

The Agri 20 pellet machine comes standard with a control panel that is built into the chassis. Apart from starting the pellet mill, this control panel also controls the feed rate of the machine. This control system uses a signal from the main motor to adjust the feeding auger speed. The same system is used on all of our pellet mills up to the Agri 250.

It can also be retro-fitted to any make or model of pellet mill from our range.

The Agri 20 is intended for the very small scale farmer and people making pellets for a niche market. The machine can be used as a stand-alone unit or it can be incorporated into a fully automated pelleting plant.

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