Aclarus Ozone Water Systems

Agricultural Ozone Water Systems


Canadian Farm Proven to Fix Water for Lower Costs, Better Health and Improved Production. Any livestock operation will immediately benefit with Aclarus Ozone with improved production, lower costs and healthier livestock. One Aclarus ozone system will treat multiple issues on demand even at high flow with no chemicals or consumables. Even most pesticides, hormones and medications are safely removed with ozone.

  • Lowered costs and optimal health for animals - typically reduction in soap/acid costs
  • Eliminates the worst water issues, from bacteria to iron, sulphur, taste, smell and more.
  • Provides unlimited sanitation for washing WITHOUT chemical consumables - Clean water and Better Cleaning.
  • Proven in Canada to improve production, operations, safety with quick return on investment
  • Strongest and most natural treatment for perfect water and safer farm practices
  • Compact, low energy, any flow rate (7gpm-1000gpm)
  • Low maintenance, eliminate water issues for decades; finance and lease options available.

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