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Batch Mode is a Moisture Controller for a High Temperature Batch Dryer, either in-bin or portable. Temperature sensors are used to control the moisture of the grain. You can have up to 6 sensors spaced throughout the grain in the dryer. The Bullseye Controller averages these sensors to a set point. When the average reaches the heater off at set point, the Bullseye Controller turns the heater off. The cooling fan will run until the grain temperature reaches the fan off at set point. The Bullseye Controller turns off the fan and waits for the start of the next batch.

By using more than one sensor to control the dryer the moisture of the grain will be more uniform coming out. The grain inside the dryer doesn’t normally dry uniformly, for the following reasons:

  • The moisture varies coming into the dryer
  • The amount of fines in the grain vary
  • The airflow is not uniform throughout the dryer

By monitoring more than one spot (up to 24) and averaging them together and blending at the discharge the grain moisture content is as uniform as possible. You are not controlling the whole dryer from one spot inside the dryer, or at the discharge like most other dryer controllers do. The sensors are located where the grain is being dried and will hold it there until it is ready to discharge. This controller can be controlled with a PC Computer with a Radio Modem.

There are two ways you can use a computer program to access your grain bins:

  • Radio Modem : This setup requires two radio modems. One at the controller and one at the computer. There are no subscription fees to use the radio modems or the computer program.
  • Serial Cable : This setup requires a laptop computer and a serial cable at the controller itself. The computer would need to have AgriDry Bullcomm program installed.

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