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AgriNIR is a portable NIR analyzer for forages and grains that quantifies, in seconds, the percentage of Humidity or Moisture (dry matter), Starch, Crude Protein, ADF, NDF, Ash and Crude Fat of the plant material being analyzed. Patented  (EP 2 377 392 / US 8 651 730).

  • Convenience:
    • analysis performed on-site and in real time
    • It works in any environmental conditions
  • Immediate results:
    • a complete analysis in 60 seconds
  • Costs:
    • low analytical costs (generally just depreciation)
  • Efficiency:
    • virtually no sample preparation;
      … a collect and analyze procedure;
    • opportunity to increase measured replicates.
      more replicates mean more precision.
  • Programmable in 11 languages (in addition to English): Italian, Spanish, French, Polish, Spanish (Mex), Russian, Czech, Croatian, Slovak, Swedish, Chinese.
  • Different features for different users
  • Convenient:
    • Instrument is contained in a compact case.
    • Equipped with wheels and an extendable handle
    • All that is required for analysis in one place.
    • Bright display 7” 16/9
    • Protective overlay
    • Dust cover protection for the display
    • Data transfer with AgriNIR™ Trace using a USB key
  • Possibility to change settings: number of decimals, date format, print
  • Ready for Use:
    • the instrument is pre-loaded with NIR calibration curves for 7 NIR families (crop families), with a total of 44 curves
  • Maintenance:
    • using a USB connection and the internet there is the opportunity for constant and immediate diagnosis of the instrument and the predicted results


System Components:

  • Sample holding cup
  • NIR light source and detector
  • Rugged, high capacity computing device
  • User interface with keyboard, display printer and USB port 110v AC and 12 v DC
  • AC power cable
  • Lighter adapter for field use


  • GSM/GPRS communication mobile
  • Connection with AgriNIR™ Trace SW


  • Place the  material in the sampling cup
  • As soon as power is supplied and lamp is stabilized, sample analysis can begin
  • Insert the sampling cup into the AgriNIR™
  • Start the analysis and read the result on the display; the analysis results can be printed on ticket or transferred to PC

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