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- Wireless Sensor Networks for Generic Agriculture



AgriSense is the state-of-the-art in the field of agricultural monitoring applications. The wide range of robust and accurate sensors, along with reliability and easy operation of Netsens’ Weather Stations, allow the user to obtain concrete results rapidly and easily . The information rich interface LiveData, allows the user to access information in various formats, at any time, worldwide.


Reducing pesticide treatment is a mandatory commitment for both economic and commercial reasons.

Netsens solutions accurately estimate the risk of insurgence of pathogens, on the basis of microclimatic parameters directly measured on the field, thus representing a unique instrument to support your decisions in undertaking appropriate countermeasures only when and where necessary.

By correlating air temperature/relative humidity, leaf wetness and cumulative rain, the agronomic models evaluate the climatic condition in which pathogens encounter favorable conditions.

Collecting the microclimatic parameters directly from the field results in achieving much more accurate and reliable data, as compared to data made available by local Authorities, based on measurements gathered by stations located far away from your farm, even tens of miles.

  • AgriSense Weather Station equipped with rain gauge, leaf wetness, air temperature/relative humidity and dew point sensor.
  • Software LiveData Premium, with control panel and historic data archiving and consultation .

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