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Ag Water Chemical is the exclusive distributor for Agritec™ in California and the Southwest. Agritec™, is a water treatment product developed by Earth Science Laboratories, Inc. Ag Water Chemical markets Agritec™ for use in agricultural, aquacultural, wastewater treatment facilities, and industrial facilities.

The active ingredient in Agritec™ is a biologically active form of copper ion, Cu++, which is a unique, chelate-like carrier known as “hydrotrope”. Copper’s effectiveness in water treatment is based on the principle that organic contaminants will die soon after contact with elemental copper’s cupric ion. The copper ion attacks the algal cell membrane to inhibit growth and interferes with the photosynthesis process resulting in starvation of the algae. Copper also causes deactivation of the microorganism through interference in metabolic pathways. Different species of algae and bacteria have different sensitivities to the cupric ion. Unlike Agritec™, chlorine works as an oxidant destroying the cellular walls of algae and bacteria and releasing gases and chemicals from such organisms into the water. Chlorine also oxidizes and breaks down other organic materials in water creating additional disinfection by-products.


Historically, two significant problems have occurred in the treatment of water with bactericides and algicides: (a) uniformity of the treatment chemical and (b) effective concentrations of the treatment chemical throughout the body of water. Ag Water Chemical has proven since 1986 that Agritec™ solves both of these problems.

First, unlike other water treatment products, Agritec™ disperses uniformly throughout a body of water, without agitation, at the rate of 25 feet per hour horizontally and 8 feet per hour vertically. Agritec™ poured into a body of water at a particular place will disperse evenly throughout the entire body of water. Accordingly, excessive investments in water treatment facilities, distribution systems, chemical dispersal equipment and extensive labor requirements common with other water treatment products are unnecessary; Agritec™ will effectively treat an entire body of water when simply poured into the water at the prescribed rates. This self dispersal quality is extremely important in developing countries and rural communities without the capital required for traditional water treatment facilities and infrastructure.

Agritec™ solves the second problem due to its ability to maintain an effective concentration of biologically active copper in suspension throughout the water being treated. Copper, which may be the oldest, safest and most recognized algicide, bactericide and fungicide known to man, is widely used in water treatment. However, prior to Agritec™ no product had the ability to maintain copper in solution. The copper, when applied in treatment, simply sank to the bottom of the water being treated. While such copper will likely be effective against any bacteria or algae it comes into contact with as it sinks to the bottom, it will not be effective in treating the entire body of water. A few chelated copper sulfate products on the market today are able to maintain the copper in solution for a short period of time, but the chelate bond deteriorates and the copper quickly recrystallizes and settles to the bottom of the water being treated, thereby losing its effectiveness. Additional ecosystem problems may develop when significant amounts of copper settle to the pond or lake bottoms. Agritec™ is able to retain copper in solution over a broad range of water conditions, i.e., pH, alkalinity, etc, and when the copper acts on the bacteria and algae, it complexes with the organism and becomes biologically inactive. Accordingly, whether chlorine which rapidly gasifies and dissipates into the atmosphere, or copper are being used to treat water, both chemicals present the problem of depletion over a short period of time, thereby increasing the expense and effort required for effective water treatment. Only Agritec™ is able to maintain the biologically active cupric ion in solution to attack the target species throughout the water being treated.


Agritec™ is used in drip, micro and tape irrigation, lakes, ponds, reservoirs, municipal drinking and wastewater systems, irrigation canals, animal confinement pits, treatment lagoons and other water systems. Agritec’s™ ability to remain in suspension over long periods with mathematically predictable copper levels allows precise control of algae and bacteria without over treatment.

Agritec™ is the only liquid copper water treatment product registered as an algicide/bactericide with the United States Environmental Protection Agency, registered with the appropriate environmental and/or agricultural agencies in all 50 states, and certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 60 as a drinking water additive. Agritec™, because it self disperses and maintains the bactericide/algicide in suspension, can be used in both sophisticated processing facilities and in more basic treatment environments. No specialized equipment or highly skilled and expensive technicians are necessary for Agritec™ to be effectively utilized.

Agriculture. Agritec™ is used to control algae and bacteria in drip, tape, and micro irrigaiton systems. Agritec™ also controls E.coli bacteria in irrigation water. Please visit the ‘Agritec™ and E. coli’ page to the left to learn more about this feature.

Aquaculture. Agritec™ helps control the blue-green algae which can cause an off-flavor in fish.

Drinking Water Treatment. Agritec™, in concentrations of 0.1 to 1.3 ppm (copper), is an effective drinking water treatment to eliminate bacteria. The water supply is not further contaminated with toxic chemicals that are (a) dangerous to handle, (b) known carcinogens, and (c) harmful to the environment. Please visit the ‘Negative Effects of Chlorine’ tab to the left to learn more about this feature.

Lakes, Ponds and Reservoirs. Agritec™ helps control the algae, bacteria and pond weed in lakes, ponds and irrigation reservoirs and canals. Various forms of algae and bacteria are known to cause unsightliness, bad odor and off-taste in water storage areas and drinking water systems.

Wastewater Treatment. Agritec™ controls bacterial odors and enhances biological decomposition of waste. Wastewater treatment includes many segments, including sewage treatment, animal confinement pits, cooling towers and irrigation canals. Because of the higher levels or organic contamination in wastewater, stronger concentrations of Agritec™ are required, typically 1.0 to 2.0 ppm (copper). No specialized equipment or highly skilled and expensive technicians are necessary for Agritec™ to be utilized.

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