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Agro Indoor Silos



Agro Indoor silos are used for the storage in buildings of bulk materials such as, for example, grain, flour or pellets. Hot-dip galvanized sheet steel components are standard on these silos. The modular system offers a multitude of combination possibilities. All silos can subsequently be increased up to the largest model of the actual range. An external blowing unit complete with tanker flange and pipework, filter box and filter bag can be included in the scope of supply or be retrofitted without problems. The bottom funnel has a conical slope of 60°, the discharge dimensions of 300 x 300 cm and is available with a manually operated shut-off slide. The Agrosilo is supplied with an inspection hatch, an inspection glass and a steel cover.

All advantages at a glance

  • The smooth steel sheet ensures optimum hygiene and the best possible emptying of the silo
  • Installation in existing buildings is not a problem, all silo parts pass through a normal door opening
  • The individual modules are made of sheet steel and are easy to install on site and at the point of use
  • The funnel without a dividing wall offers two clear advantages: A competetive price and a short installation time
  • The module system offers a multitude of combination possibilities which can be adapted without problems to the particular requirements

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