Agronic Oy

Agronic Oy

- Model 1022 and 1025 - Round Bale Wrappers


The main advantage of this wrapper is in the design of the loading arm. When working directly behind the tractro, the wrapper is place to one side. This means that the bale is picked up and dropped in the same direction as the baler. The whole wrapping sequence is worked and controlled automatically. As soon as the bale activates the loading sensor on the loading arm, the wrapping sequence starts. As the drawbar is hydraulic, it is extremly easy to line up the Agronic wrapper with the bale. Used in-line the wrapper is automatically set to work by means of a sensor in the baler chamber door.

A new generation of bale wrappers

  • Universal bale wrapper for all requirements.
  • Can be worked behind a tractor or inline with a baler.
  • Allows trouble free wrapping on slopes.
  • Simple Can-Bus Monitor.
  • High output.

  The Agronic 1022 with its twin arm 750mm pre-stretch units is designed with contractors and larger farming units in mind.

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